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Gerritt for Chair, Wash Co Dems

I’m Gerritt Rosenthal, and I want to be your Chair of the Wash Co Dems.

This election cycle has been remarkable. The primary season unleashed waves of both optimism and revulsion. Importantly for our party, we have seen an influx of people new to the political process who are want to be a part of the Washington County Democrats as we move forward.

Most exciting is the arrival of so many young people who’ve become active and seek to play a role in shaping our future. I want our party to engage and support the optimism, energy, and idealism of the newly energized younger generation. I want to push for more grassroots activism, more democracy, more openness, and a more effective use of online organizational and educational tools.

In doing so, however, I want to honor the long-term commitment of the “old guard”; we wouldn’t have a party at all if it weren’t for those who’ve given years of service to the party. As Chair, I want to merge the experience and knowledge of our established Democrats with the energy and idealism of the newly engaged activists. This party is “our” party; it belongs to all of us.

And I want to be Chair of that entire party.

My Platform

  • Continue to lobby our elected representatives on the key issues the party has committed to advancing: health care, money in politics, climate change, corporate and bankster dominance, educational funding, and environmental sustainability.
  • Election of House District Leaders by their PCPs, as done in most other counties. Let’s make our party more democratic by letting the PCPs in each House district decide on their leadership.
  • Online streaming of our monthly Central Committee sessions so people who cannot attend can also participate. Look for ways to use online tools to expand participation and create progressive outcomes.
  • Ally with progressive organizations in Washington County to create an ongoing force for progressive action and outcomes.
  • Make the Wash Co Dems relevant to younger voters: an open, activist, progressive party and not simply a fundraising machine.
  • Reduce the
  • ...

Welcome to GRnet

This website is my home on the interwebs; welcome. This site has been used for campaigns in the past few years: running for the Legislature in 2014 and then for Metro in 2016. My final campaign, for the Chair of the Washington County Democrats, will be the last. After that, I'll be sharing my work as a progressive activist, as a scientist, and as someone who loves to travel the world.

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